About Us

Weddings are something to remember by your entire life. Why not indulge in a lavish experience by Lavishow. Well, not only weddings we have the most memorable arrangements made for all kinds of events. Whether it is a corporate event, an educational meet up or a festive get together Lavishow has every trick up its sleeve. We specialize in event management, planning and hosting for any event that you desire.

We understand how frustrating it can be to want your event just right and not be able to find the right person to organize it for you. Planning an event as big as a luxury wedding is no child’s play. One needs to get every minute detail right to be able to own the vibe.

It isn’t enough to have the space decorated beautifully. A lot needs to be done to in order to make the different elements work together to give you the perfectly functional ambience that you are looking for. We here at Lavishow aim at doing just that. Our team bears skills in different aspects of event management to fine tune your grand event just to your liking. Collaboration with Lavishow can get you the best combination of function with the essence that you want your event to exude.

Lavishow is your one time solution for all your event requirements. Get in touch with us today!